Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I was born lost. I have realized, there is no path to look for.
As I am no one, I have nothing and it's nothingness that I am surrounded by. And that is what fills my inner self.
Deep inside the lagoons of nothingness, there is something: the emptiness. It is part of that nothing.
And as well as it makes me feel empty, it feeds me and keeps me company.
What a beautiful, tragical contradiction I have made of myself.

But I'm not a person, nor even a contradiction anymore.
My body stands still because the weight of the emptiness needs to be held, but it will suddenly go:
flesh just needs its flowers to remain rotten. It's waiting for the arrival of the roses.
But I am unable to wait. Because I am not.
I disappeared before I could appear. I saw it, I jumped.
I drowned inside the nothingness. I am the emptiness.


  1. Tanto el texto como las fotograf√≠as son geniales, la segunda me tiene enamorada ♥

  2. es where is a ... o there is a ? el tatuaje digo.

    1. There is a light that never goes out.


  3. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

  4. Todo lo que haces, lo que escribes, lo que grabas y fotografias es tan bello, que pone los pelos de punta.

  5. siempre me encantan tus fotos! creo que pase por esa calle cuando fui a madrid! x